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Cote Noire draws inspiration from the idyllic Charente countryside, crafting a range of full-bodied fragrances that seamlessly blend patisserie favorites with succulent fruits and captivating florals. Each scent strives to capture a portrait of traditional French life, reminiscent of the brand's heritage.


Introducing "French Morning" by Cote Noire:

This warm and evocative fragrance transports you to an oak-lined club room, reminiscent of the sophistication and luxury that Cote Noire represents. Elevate your senses and embrace the elegance of a French morning with the "French Morning Tea Scented Candle" by Cote Noire, available exclusively at Louise Find Living.

French Morning Tea Scented Candle

kr 250,00Price
  • Cote Noire

  • Soy blend candle

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