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At Louise Find Living we specialize in creating unique custom interior solutions for our customers. Whether you are the manager of a large corporation or an smaller company and in charge of redecorating the office, do not hesitate, reaching out to us, getting a quote on your next interior project. 

As a brand new thing, our custom interior services is now available for private individuals as well. So if you are dreaming of getting a professionel Interior designer to decorate your home, feel free to contact us. We have solved everything from decorating large office spaces to private mansions and smaller apartments. 

How it works: 

Upon deciding to use our services, a Kick-off session will be scheduled with either one of our Interior Designers or Louise Find herself. The session is payed up front and the price depends on your choice of the Designer.
At the Kick-off meeting you bring photos of your project and a floor plan if you possess such, as well as inspiration pictures of the desired style if you have wishes up front for it. 
The designer talks through your needs and whishes for the project and prepares a quote for you.
If the quote and final price is accepted by you, you will have to return it signed and the further process begins. 
The Kick-off session is deducted from the final invoice if the quote is accepted.

Price example: 

Kick-off session: 1250 DKK (1 hour session) with an Interior Architect from Louise Find Living

Price pr. hour hereafter:
* 1250 DKK with an designated Louise Find Living Interior Designer
* 2500 DKK with Louise Find 

All clients purchasing furnitures sold within an Interior Project made by Louise Find Living uptains 10% discount. 


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