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Uncover the tales of four iconic fashion houses within this collectible box, presenting a set of captivating style guides.

Delve into the realms of elegance and haute couture as these little fashion books chronicle the evolution of four distinguished designers. Explore the birth and growth of each brand, defining key looks, and assessing their lasting impact on today's fashion scene.


Embark on a journey with the Little Book of Hermès, unraveling the narrative behind the Birkin. Witness the genesis of red carpet elegance with Valentino, the creation of architectural marvels with Balenciaga, and the complete reimagining of the iconic Chanel brand under Lagerfeld.


Adorned with hundreds of exquisite images and curated by bestselling authors, these definitive guides to luxury style make for the perfect gift for any fashion aficionado.

Little Guides to Style III

kr 650,00Price
  • 13,5 cm x 20cm

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