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Michael Del Piero's interiors embody delightful contradictions, blending minimalist design with rich historical character. Raised in Chicago, she initially pursued a career as a business coach for Fortune 500 companies while immersing herself in the world of design. Transitioning to antiques dealing, she gained recognition for her keen eye in combining distinctive pieces to create compelling interiors.


Establishing her studio in 2007, Del Piero's work draws inspiration from her extensive travels, reflecting a curiosity for decorative arts across cultures and periods. Her projects, categorized as Relaxed, Refined, Rough, and Restrained, defy strict boundaries, showcasing a holistic design approach that extends beyond interiors to encompass architecture.


From an oceanfront house in Florida to a historic greystone on Chicago's Gold Coast, Del Piero's designs blend refinement with rusticity, artful composition with a calm and inviting atmosphere. This book explores her diverse portfolio, highlighting the unique synthesis of texture, culture, and history that defines her confident and understated voice in American design.

Michael Del Piero. Traveled and Textural

kr 1.000,00Price
  • 28 cm x 35 cm

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