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Natural light is the natural starting point for great interior design. Research supports daylight’s positive effect on building performance and human health. It not only makes for a great interior and can also lead to substantial energy savings.

When we walk into a room for the first time, we often have an immediate reaction to its atmosphere. The natural energies created by our environment influence how we feel. By enhancing positive elements, such as light, we can create a harmonious sanctuary that encourages health and well-being and all that is best in the human spirit.

Each room illustrated in this book incorporates natural elements – light, water, metal, wood – blended with a modern aesthetic and punctuated with fine art. The result is a beautiful book which draws inspiration from a variety of cultures and philosophies to reveal the many ways we can use natural light as the main element of interior design.

Natural Light Spaces

kr 399,00Price
  • 25 x 29 cm

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