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Recognized globally for its iconic crown emblem, Rolex has achieved unparalleled success as a leading sports and luxury watch brand in just over a century. Producing over half a million wristwatches annually, the brand maintains a stellar reputation for quality. Originally associated with statesmen, movie stars, and athletes, Rolex has expanded its appeal beyond the elite.

Notably, the Rolex Oyster, worn by Mercedes Gleitze during her 1927 English Channel swim, defied the elements, marking a historic moment. In 1933, Rolex patented the first automatic winding mechanism. Explore this rich history and discover new Rolex innovations and performance tests reported in the German watch magazine Armbanduhren (Wristwatch) over the past 15 years.

The Rolex Story

kr 450,00Price
  • 24,1 x 31,8 cm

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