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Exemplifying the mastery of color composition, this book, artfully directed by Wong himself and meticulously produced to meet the highest printing standards, presents a curated collection of images that are not only evocative and timeless but also transport the viewer into a realm of artistic brilliance. Adding to the book's distinction is the premiere use of the 45/90 font, a creation by Henrik Kubel from A2-TYPE in London.

Diving deeper into the artistic journey, the book dedicates a section to unveil the creative and technical processes integral to Wong's method. From the careful selection of scenes and the crafting of compelling compositions to capturing the essence of moments, enhancing color values, and intensifying the impact of each image—these insights promise to be invaluable for both admirers of Wong's work and photography enthusiasts, offering a profound understanding of the artistry behind the lens.


kr 240,00Price
  • 24,2 x 19 cm

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